Broken Springs

A snapping spring sounds like a firecracker going off in your garage, while a worn spring will cause your door to resist being opened or closed and not remain in position.

Garage door springs can break for a variety of reasons. Extreme heat or cold, for instance, can stress the springs to the point of breaking, or it could be that normal wear on older springs could cause them to break. Whatever the situation, a broken spring can render your garage door inoperable. Your door will not be able to open or close when a spring is broken, and you should stand clear of your door until a professional can assess the situation and correct it.

Broken Cables

Cables issues indicate a problem with your springs. If you don’t have repairs completed right away, both can break, risking the door slamming down on you or your car.

Misaligned Track

Over time or due to an accidental bump, tracks can be bent or forced out of alignment. Listen for scraping or squealing noises and check if your door slows at a certain spot.

Door Damage

Dented panels, broken windows, damaged trim and more. If your garage door has seen better days, we’ll do our best to provide repairs instead of replacing the entire door.

Garage doors fall off their track for a variety of reasons: sometimes someone accidentally runs into the door and dislodges it, and on other occasions time and wear have worn down cables and other mechanisms beyond their use. If your garage door has jumped its track, do not attempt to move the door or reset it on your own. Doing so can be dangerous.

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Your garage door is a main point of entry into your home, and should always be in perfect working condition. When problems arise, or you need installation or repair services, call on for quality service delivered quickly. Call us for service today!